I know most of us moms would love to appear as though we have everything under control.

And if we don’t, we might just pretend to others, and ourselves, that we do.

We want the world to think that by the time we’ve arrived at work, getting the kids out of bed and dressed was a casual breeze and here we are to start our day just like everyone else (working moms I’m sure you get me).

Well, I’m done pretending — cause it’s nothing like that at all. Well, not my case at least.

I’m going to share with you what a regular morning routine looks like for me. And this morning was no different than the rest.

I woke up at 6 am, not to do yoga, nor to meditate, but because Felipe, my youngest son was crying. Like really loudly. Wailing.

Between being scared and worried, I jumped out of bed in the darkness and brought him into my bed. I wanted to get him quiet before he woke up my eldest son, Pedro, who was peacefully sleeping.

But Felipe didn’t stop crying.

He didn’t have a fever, he didn’t want his bottle.

He just wanted me to hold him in my arms, while I walked around. So I did it. Ten minutes later (though what felt like the longest time in the world), he finally stopped crying. We got into my bed and he happily took my spot. I took the corner. He was asleep in an instant.

I was uncomfortable but enjoying the silence.

The day was just beginning. I could hear the birds singing outside, I closed my eyes and was slowly drifting off…..

“Mom — I want to poop.”

Pedro stood in front of me, clearly in discomfort. I took him for what he needed and back we were, in my bed, attempting sleep again.

It was just past 7am, I was so tired, and there were 4 people in my bed. I silently thanked my husband for buying the biggest bed in the store.

The clock read 7.10am. I had to be up at 7.30am. “Just 10 minutes….” I thought to myself as I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes not long after — it was 8.02 am. How did that happen?!

I ran to the shower and was trying to figure out what to wear at the same time. Twelve minutes later I was dressed, sans makeup and getting the kids out of bed. Felipe was completely knocked out. It took a while to get him up but we did eventually.

We managed to dash out the front door at 9am. The exact time we were supposed to be at school.

“I am the worst mom ever,” I thought to myself as I drove to school. We were slightly late, I apologised to the principal and finally headed to work.

Have you ever had days like this?

I didn’t want to write about how to have a perfect morning. I just wanted to be honest about the kind of mornings I have, and I’m sure that it happens to most of us.

We don’t always have perfect mornings, no matter how hard we try. S**t happens. And that’s okay.

Someone fell asleep, someone didn’t. We leave our home without makeup, we’re late for everything.

Sometime we have it in our head what a perfect family should be like (well at least I do). In that vision, everyone does what is expected of them and everyone smiles. After having two kids, I know this is as far from the truth as it gets.

It’s still hard not to feel frustrated when it doesn’t happen, though.

Here’s a video I found on the Internet that made me feel less guilty about it all. It reminds me that we’re not perfect. And we’re all in this together.

Yes, I know this may be and ad about juice, but it reminds me that most of us can relate to crazy mornings. And then I don’t feel so alone, trying to keep up with everything.

Enjoy the video and remember — s**t happens. Let’s stop being so hard on each other and start having more fun. There will be other mornings to get perfect!

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