Apple cider vinegar first caught my attention when I read somewhere that it was Fergie’s staying slim elixir.

Now who wouldn’t want to learn more about that?!

And then shortly after, a friend mentioned to me how whenever she felt like she was coming down with a bad throat, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in some water, always did the job.

That was the second apple cider vinegar reference I had heard in a short space of time.

I began to look into it. I learned that apple cider vinegar had been used for thousands of years to treat various health issues, from lowering cholesterol, helping in weightloss, clearing acne, improving digestion, reduces bloating etc. It’s even loaded in vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, B, E as well as calcium, magnesium and iron.

Those are just some of its benefits.

I began taking apple cider vinegar myself and would try to take it as frequently as I could (in the mornings to start my day) but most of all, I found it was the best remedy for days I felt under the weather, as though a bug was coming on and a mild fever approaching.

I would take one tablespoon in a half a glass of chilled water, and drink that at least three times a day.

Twenty minutes or so after each drink, I would feel better with more energy, which was very helpful especially on those busy days you’re unable to take time off from work or errands to rest.

It became my number one recommendation for any friend who said they were feeling under the weather!

Over the years, I learned a few more things about apple cider vinegar, one of them being that it was a great natural hair conditioner. In the days where I was making my own shampoo and conditioner, apple cider vinegar was indeed perfect and did the job. (Note: these days I’ve found some great shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain sulphates and parabens, so am using that instead, but wouldn’t have a problem making my own shampoo and conditioner again!).

Here’s a great video on apple cider vinegar and its benefits that lists everything out so beautifully. I knew of most of these but not number 11 and that’s something I’m going to try out ASAP!

Watch the video through to the end and see them explain how apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss, and explains why Fergie loves it so much herself.

I hope you enjoy the video below. Just like coconut oil, the benefits are amazing and with just these two ingredients, you can slash your beauty/health product budget into half.

Did you learn anything new? What is your favorite use of apple cider vinegar? Also check out 15 Reasons To Love Coconut Oil and Toxins To Cut From Your Life.

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