Last week, I managed to sneak off to the hair salon.

If you’re a mom, you will know how difficult it is to find the time for such a luxury and of course, I indulged…. in those girly magazines.

No hair salon visit would be complete without it. 🙂

Be it Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamor… I hardly read them on my own, but whilst sitting at a hair salon, I go through as many pages as I can!

It’s my girly time. 😉

This time though, I noticed something. Apart from the usual entertainment on celebrity gossip and beauty tips, I noticed there were several articles about dieting.

What NOT to eat if you want a toned body.

What NOT to have if you want to lose weight fast.

Detox diets, 3 days diet, weekday diet, raw diet, vegan diet… the list goes on!

I suddenly realised something. I was tired of diets. And restrictions.

Aren’t you?

I work hard, I have two kids, I’m always coming and going, and in this moment of my life, I’m really starting to feel that restrictions make me uncomfortable.

With all that’s going on in life just to keep my head above water, being told that I can’t eat something I want impacts my mood, and my energy levels.

I’m also starting to learn that when I have to “control” what I eat because it could be “bad” for me, it makes me start to resent the food just a little bit. And I don’t want that. I love food and it’s one of my favourite things about being alive.

I live and love to eat!

So after seeing all the articles on what we should NOT do so we can lose weight, I decided to take a spin on the subject.

I decided to do a little research, coupled with some tried and tested methods of my own (I’m proud to say that I’ve lost all my baby weight and have maintained the same weight for the last seven years), and put together a new list.

A list that doesn’t restrict you, but empowers you — one that tells you what you can ADD to your diet instead, to help you lose that weight while feeling good about the whole process and yourself!

(You’ll also gain an awesome amount of energy, and who doesn’t need that?)

Here we go!

1. Start your morning with something raw

I love raw food. I am convinced that our quality of life is affected by the amount of toxins we ingest, either knowingly, or unknowingly.

Here’s a relief though — cutting out toxins isn’t that difficult. Check out this article on Toxins To Cut From Your Life. It’s possible to undo some of the damage that may have already be done.

But back to adding raw food to your diet.

I know it’s difficult for most of us to sustain a raw diet perpetually even though we know it’s the healthier option, so what I do is make my breakfast raw.

I start the day off healthy, and I feel great for the rest of it knowing I’ve done something at least. My simple rule is to make breakfast as free as possible from preservatives and other chemicals like food coloring etc.

I usually opt for a green smoothie (great weightloss smoothie recipe here!), some fruits, scrambled eggs, a small salad or even just lemon water.

Here are more ideas on preparing a healthy breakfast.

2. Salad it up

As most of you know, I love my salads and have a few tricks on how to make any salad delicious.

I love variety and eating salads allows me to incorporate as many fun and delicious ingredients I want (and crave!). Plus salads are super easy to prepare, so you can always make a batch and have them stocked in your fridge for when you need a nibble.

My rule is to “always eat a salad first”. So whether it’s pizza I’m craving, or some creamy pasta, I start with a good salad. This makes me feel less guilty and also helps fill me up first so I don’t overindulge in the next dish.


Here some tips on how to make your salads fun.

3. Fruits are desserts

Want a sweet treat? Go with fruits.

They’re loaded with vitamins and fibre and are sweet enough to satisfy those cravings.

Fruits are also perfect as a snack. Even though they do contain sugar, it’s the good kind. But make sure you eat your fruits whole, though, rather than juicing.

My favorites are apples, oranges, pomegranates and strawberries.

Go head to your local grocery store and stock up. While you’re at it, experiment with fruits you may have never tried before, you could find yourself a new favorite!

4. Just drink water (and wine)

Let’s face it. We all know water is great for you. And it comes with zero calories.

Water keeps the world alive.

The benefits of water go on, and includes helping the liver and organs work better, can aid in weightloss and also has major effects on energy levels and brain function.

What if you don’t like drinking plain water?

Jazz it up by adding flavors with… yup, you guessed it — fruits. Throw in pieces of pineapple, cucumber, mint, strawberries. Whatever titillates your taste buds!

Note: I love my wine. As a treat after a hard day’s work, and drinking only water, I enjoy a nice glass of wine completely guilt-free (life is about enjoying, don’t you think?).

5. If you want it, have it

Let’s face it — words like “no” or “don’t”, usually don’t go down so well. Not for me, at least.

So when I’m having a particularly rough day, I scratch these thoughts. If chocolate will make me feel better, then I have that chocolate. If it’s cake, then so be it!

The point is to indulge without feeling any guilt or remorse. If you’re going to do it, you might as well enjoy it. Without a restricted mindset, that treat will taste as good as you dreamed it would be.

I also find that by doing this, I don’t overindulge — something that is very easy to do if you’re on a restrictive diet and have avoided something for a while.

But remember this — still find a way to go healthy. I love my chocolate, so I always choose the darkest one. I know the flavor can be a little intense, but it comes with it’s health benefits. So on the days I know I’m going to be having my chocolate, I’m extra good about sugars consumed elsewhere.

What do you “add” to your diet to make it healthy? Share your thoughts below.

P.S. Also check out our article on 5 Hacks To Healthy Eating.

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