A friend shared a great 2-minute video with me the other day on Oprah speaking to Father Richard Rohr.

Father Richard believes that within each of us, lies the true self and the false self. He says the true self is what religion often calls the soul, your eternal essence, while the false self is the persona you create for yourself, i.e. your ego.

This video landed on my lap at the perfect time.

In the last few months, I believe I’ve been dealing with my own “Ego Death” (see my article on that here) and found myself struggling to let go of many things I knew I needed address and let go of, and found myself easily upset/offended by certain things during this period.

I was shedding skin and was on a deep journey to get to the core of me, before the birth of my first child. There was no better time than now.

Initially, the signs were everywhere — I needed to stop and go within. But I resisted. After all, there was so much to do. Work still had to happen, preparation and learning about a new baby still had to happen, heck, life still had to happen.

But the signs got louder and louder no matter how much I resisted, and eventually, I was knocked off my feet and I had no choice but to be confined to the silence of my own mind to deal with a lot of stuff. (Definitely read this article to understand that I’m referring to.)

And boy did I learn a lot of new stuff about myself. But all of that led to one main thing — let go and enjoy the ride. Flow with love and magic and go where you’re being guided. Don’t sit on resistance. Get in alignment. And be okay with all of it.

I think a lot of us do that. We know deep in our heart something doesn’t feel right or good but we ignore it and do what we think we’re supposed to do and what we think is expected of us.

Even the things we choose to get upset or irritated about are things we think we’re supposed to get upset or irritated about.

And then we’re just not happy with how everything is going even though the truth is we are an accomplice to everything that has happened in our own lives.

So that begs the question: Are we really being our true self? Do we really know what we like or don’t like?

And how do we know who that true self is? In the video, Oprah asks Father Richard, “How do we get to our true self? I want to get to that.”

His answer made so much sense in 2-minutes and it’s something I will always remember now and never ignore. The tell-tale sign he points out is one we’re all too familiar with.

So the next time I catch myself doing/feeling what he says in this video, I get now that I shouldn’t ignore it and succumb to it but do what I need to do to autocorrect myself and the alignment of my soul. Take the break; the step back; the deep breath that is needed.

Because if you don’t, it just piles up and catches up with you anyway and then you’ll have more work to do later down the road anyway, which will be much harder than if you nipped it in the bud in the first place.

You can never run away from having to peel back your layers so your authentic self can come through.

“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.” Carl Jung

So watch this video below — what do you think? Does it resonate with you?

What thoughts came up after watching this video? Share them with us below.

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