Since the 16th of September, this video has been seen over 6 million times.

Just overnight, a video uploaded by a mom who was getting relationship advice from her 6-year-old on her divorce went absolutely viral.

And not just because the kid is absolutely adorable, but because the words she speaks are so deep and true, and simple and straight to the point and easy to understand and…. all it should be.

“Life is simple and deep, but most make it complex and shallow.” Anonymous

If you haven’t already seen it, you want to watch it now. It just brings so many things into perspective. How we view and handle all our relationships, from our close loved ones to how we treat other human beings in general.

Really makes you wonder if we’re born knowing the truth of how to be and how to live, but then forget it all along the way as we allow external programming of how life should be to take over.

What did you think of her message? Share your thoughts with us below.

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