Do you meditate?

I love meditation and try to meditate between 15 to 20 minutes every day. I feel calmer, more self-aware, in tune with my feelings, more creative. Problems and blocks are solved (or at least unravel themselves) when I take time out to do so.

By sitting in silence through meditation over the years, I also learned what my life purpose is (this was a nagging question for me in my 20s). And while I didn’t come up with anything elaborate as most would expect, I at least knew how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

For one, I want to die happy and in peace knowing that the people I love, are aware I love them. I know I don’t want to hurt anyone, and want to help however I can. A smiling face and an open heart are to me, the best gifts I can offer anyone. I also want to love and be in alignment with any work that I’m doing, no matter what it is. So everyday, I am conscious of this and try my best to align with these hopes.

I have good and not-so-good days, but I never give up in trying.

As long as I’m remembered for the above when I’m gone, then I am happy.

So… how do you get started in figuring out your life purpose if this is a question you’re asking? Starting to meditate could help.

There  is so much scientific and anthropological evidence that indicate amazing benefits of meditation that go back lots and lots and lots of years.

Meditation is not difficult – that’s a misconception.

There are various forms and you just have to pick the one that suits you best. Perhaps it’s intently listening to a song; perhaps it’s going for a walk and observing in detail everything you come across; perhaps it’s sitting still with your eyes closed simply focused on your breath; perhaps it’s picking up a musical instrument and getting lost in a melody.

Regardless the method or technique, focus is key. As long as you are focused on one thought, and you are observing that thought, you are meditating. (Well that’s what I think anyway!)

The more you meditate, the more you’ll learn to trust your intuition. You’ll learn to go within for the answers you need. Be it a problem you are facing, or something deep and profound like discovering what your life purpose truly is.

I’ve been meditating for several years now and I’ll never go back.

These days, I prefer to sit still for about 20 minutes after a light workout each morning.

I start by focusing on my breath, and then I clear my mind and let it flow where it needs to. Sometimes it’s observing a moment and feeling gratitude; sometimes it’s feeling love for someone and sending them more love; sometimes it’s noticing my well-being and recharging myself for rejuvenation.

Meditation to me is going within to that part of myself that knows what it needs to do while I sit still and observe my thoughts through the process.

On some days, I am in a hurry, and I don’t have the 20 minutes to do this.

I feel absolutely out of whack if I don’t get to meditate, so I have a little backup plan to get me aligned for the rest of the day.

It’s this amazing audio by Abraham Hicks which I listen to on the drive to work.

I love this audio because it helps remind me of my life purpose and what I want to experience while I am alive and breathing: to ultimately be happy and live a life filled with peace, love, truth and joy.

Listening to this audio reminds me of how simple those points are; it keeps me in check and sets me with the right intention for a beautiful day ahead, filled with exactly that: Peace. Love. Truth. Joy.

The audio is so soothing. Do check it out and let me know how it made you feel.

Do you know what your life purpose is and what you want to experience in life? 

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