As magical as weddings are, they can also be a very stressful time for many brides-to-be. Everyone wants a perfect wedding.

I got married almost 5 years ago, and I still remember it like it were yesterday.

To keep my cool through all the wedding planning details that would need to be put together, I had to consciously repeat to myself: “I’m will not be bridezilla, I’m will not be bridezilla”.

We all know what being a bridezilla means and the last thing I wanted was to be remembered as a monster when I should be glowing for a special occasion! I also didn’t want to upset anyone around me who were supporting me in planning and executing a day that was important to me, one that I wanted to remember forever filled with happy loving thoughts.

While I can proudly say that I did not act like one, I have to confess I had some moments where I didn’t feel like myself either – I did have “off” days where I either didn’t feel great, or where I had to really try hard to keep my cool.

So, looking back with what I know now and what I experienced on my wedding day, I would offer these 3 pieces of advice to my past-self for quick and easy tips to avoid any type of stress leading to and also on the Big Day itself.

1. Be Practical

When you are organizing your own wedding, it is very easy to get caught up in the little details.

What centerpieces should we have on the tables? Should the flowers be red or white? How should the main table look?

I know that at a time like this almost everything will look like a really “BIG ISSUE”. Well, let me tell you – it isn’t.

If you get stressed out about making a lot of decisions and yet each decision seems very important, just ask yourself this: “What do people really remember about weddings?”

And the answer is very easy… music, food and whether they had a good time or not. So, don’t go crazy if the flowers don’t “match” the tablecloth – chances are your guests will never know!

So just put your attention and energy on the 3 or 4 big decisions that really matter for that day and just relax when it comes to the rest of the other details.

2. Relax A Lil’

I know that “this is the most important day of your life” and hopefully it will happen only once in your life but if anything goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world, is it?

Try to find time to relax, to enjoy those days leading to the big day and have fun.

If you are feeling overwhelmed just take a “time out”. Go for a walk, do something different, pamper yourself, celebrate this great moment with something that is special to you, perhaps go on a romantic date with your husband-to-be (after all the special day is about the people getting married so let’s get the love on!).

3. Believe

I know this may sound cheesy to you but trust me, it works. I personally believe that there is something magical about weddings, like an angelical magic that makes every wedding perfect in its own way.

So, believe in the “magic” of that day and honor it – have faith that everything will turn out perfectly and it will.

So there you go – put bridezilla away and just treasure every special moment there is to experience (the ups and downs of it). Just focus on having fun and celebrating the union and you’ll always have a great story to share with friends as well as you future children and grandchildren!

Do you have any advice for brides-to-be on how to keep you cool in the days leading to the Big Day? Share them below!

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