Last week, my husband decided to get in the kitchen and cook.

While he loves to cook, he doesn’t do it very often. So let’s just say, he’s not very aware of all the things we have “stored” in the kitchen.

After trying to find what he needed, he came to me and asked, “Why do you have so much stuff?”

At first I didn’t understand. And then he showed me.

I had an entire section for empty glass jars. I was saving them for when I might make some yogurt dishes or jams. But then he asked me another question, “Do you really need 40 of them?”

And then it hit me. Maybe I have “too much of stuff”.

I started to look around and found a whole bunch of stuff I was saving “just in case”. Do you do this too? Are you keeping stuff that maybe you don’t really need?

Browsing the Internet I stumbled upon this amazing talk about the power of less. Watch the video below.

This video was just what I needed to start my new mantra in life: Less is More.

Here are my learnings from the video and the 3 things you can do to live a life with more happiness, money and freedom with “less” stuff:

1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter: 40 empty jars in case you decide to make some home-made jam? Dresses or pairs of shoes you haven’t used in years? Are you still keeping the books your kids read but are not reading anymore? It’s time to let it go. We’ve got to cut those “extras” we’re not using anymore. We need to think before we buy. Ask yourself, “Is keeping this really going to make me happier?” By all means, we should buy and own some great stuff. But we should want stuff that we’re going to love (and need) for years, not just stuff we keep around for those “just in case” moments.

2. Small is sexy: We want space efficiency. We should want things that are designed for how they’re used for the vast majority of the time, not for that “occasional” event. Why have a six stove burners when you barely use three of them? So look for things that nest, stack, or are digitized. You can take paperwork, books, movies, and you can make it disappear from real life clutter if you opt for digital versions of these – it’s magic.

3. Do more with what you have: We want multifunctional spaces and housewares – a sink combined with a toilet, a dining table becomes a bed – same space, a little side table stretches out to seat 10. Think and look for stuff that can be used in many other ways.

To take all of these into account, I don’t mean live an uncomfortable life but giving up what you love. Simply take advantage of what you already have, just optimize what you’re keeping and storing, and enjoy the benefits of living without the clutter and “noise”.

This year’s personal project for me is to clear all the clutter in my life, own things that matter, and buy less stuff. I just sorted out my desk and working space, next will be the kitchen and all those jars. Wish me luck! 🙂

What about you – what clutter do you want to get rid off and having a tough time doing it?

P.S: Here’s a great site to help you organize your life.

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