Are we destined to meet our soulmate(s) in this lifetime, and if we do and we die, do we meet again on the other side?

Of course the above question is an interesting one if you’re already open to and thinking about ideas around life after death and reincarnation.

If you’re not, then what I’m about to say could sound really crazy (but of course I don’t think it is!). I love the idea of having something like this to believe in. It just makes life and the afterlife, the essence of spirituality and energy, all the more beautiful to me.

When it comes to any theory of life and being, I like to think that this is not wrong and that is not right, and I try to practice the concept of “being open to being open”…

So – back to that question.

We’ve all been exposed to the idea that we each have soulmates. And yes, that’s plural, so that means more than one.

A soulmate doesn’t necessarily indicate a connection that is romantic or sexual. They could simply just be the bestest friend you’ve ever had. Sometimes these bestest friends are even family members or colleagues.

It’s a click. It’s a knowing that you’re meant to be together in this lifetime and perhaps you were together in a past life. It’s an “I feel complete when I’m around you and experiencing you makes me happy” kind of feeling – through all the ups and downs.

Sometimes these soulmate relationships are romantic and sexual though, and we form life partnerships. Sometimes these partnerships end and don’t last forever, but again, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be blessed with another romantic soulmate relationship waiting for us down the line. Or maybe there isn’t another one for us and that was it.

Most of us spend our lives waiting for that romantic soulmate and believing that there is someone out there made just for us. “Our lobster” so to say, if you remember the famous Phoebe quote from TV series, Friends. (Don’t remember? Watch the clip here for some fun.) And if we don’t find “our lobster”, we end up jaded and don’t believe anymore.

A few years ago I started thinking about this topic of soulmates. I understood the concept that most of us hope to meet our soulmates in this lifetime, but I started to also ask myself a few questions.

“What if our soulmates are not born again with us and we don’t meet them in this lifetime?” and also “What if we do meet them in this lifetime then the other dies. Do we reunite in the afterlife?”

I had the questions but I didn’t really go far thinking about the answers.

And then the perfect book made it’s way to me recently. A sneak preview of Arielle Ford’s Love On The Other Side: Heavenly Help for Love and Life. It answered all the questions I had.

It’s a short read, and I did it in one sitting.

I laughed, I cried, and I now believe.

In the book, Arielle shares personal experience stories – there are stories of individuals who feel their departed loved ones still around them, sending them signs and messages and there are stories indicating that sometimes we don’t meet our true soulmates in this lifetime, but they wait for us on the other side. Regardless, when we’re reunited again after transition to the afterlife, it’s a whole different kind of “togetherness”.

Arielle shows us in this book how soulmate love continues after one partner dies, all the ways you can receive communication from your beloved, how your “heavenly” soulmate can send you a new “earthly” soulmate, how if you’ve never had a soulmate it is possible to find one in heaven, how your deceased family and friends want to help you have a great life and how to ask for their help.

I think the above is where the crazy part might kick in for some of you, but that’s the part I find most magical. The notion that love transcends physicality, that love is all energy and all around, and it evolves and exists in all kinds of dimensions, physical and non-physical. You meet on earth and you meet again on the otherside. Sometimes you’re together and sometimes you’re not. You do the dance of reunion over and over again.

Just the thought that this kind of love exists makes me feel happy, content and never alone.

While I’m so blessed to have so many soulmates sharing this life with me (including being married to my best friend), I’ve always felt I also have other soulmates on the other side; they’re not physically here with me in this lifetime, but rooting for me as guardian angels wherever I go. I even had a cat called Chompers I swear was a pet companion in more than one lifetime and will be waiting for me on the otherside when I die! (But that’s another crazy story for another day.)

So yes, I love this book. It validated a lot of thoughts and emotions I’ve had, and reading the stories just gave me more hope and faith for our journey called life – it’s deeper and more intricate than we realise it is.

It also got me thinking that death is not such a bad thing after all. Society plants the seed that death is bad (heck, it even sentences it as a form of punishment!) but really, death is just a transition state from physical to non-physical, with magic waiting on either side.

For this reason, death should be celebrated, simply due to the fact that a soul is evolving in its journey and transitions between forms with its own interwoven tales, and that is a beautiful thing indeed.

Do you have a story to share on this topic? Share with us below and tell us what you’re thinking!

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