I never considered myself a messy person. I wouldn’t say I’m a super tidy person either, but I’d like to think that my level of messiness isn’t that bad.

However, I don’t think I was being honest with myself. Who’s with me?!

All that changed when I discovered Japanese organizing consultant and author, Marie Kondo. Thanks to my husband who gave me her book as a gift, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo. (Hint, hint, perhaps?)

I loved the book from the start. Why? Well, to begin with, I love everything that comes out of Japan, the good and the weird. I admire how different they can be compared to my “all over the place” and “very loud” Italian and Latino background.

Also, her name is very similar to mine. I felt that it was a sign from the Universe.

And it certainly was.

I read the book in one quick weekend and was completely sucked in. What’s it all about?

According to the New Yorker, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up is Marie Kondo’s mega-selling book on how-to of minimalism — is a tidy blend of confessional autobiography, life philosophy, decluttering strategies, and clothes-folding tips which arrived in America in late 2014.

Since then, it has inspired a will to discard, it seems, in a million and a half (and counting) American book-purchasers with too much stuff. More than four million (and counting) copies of the book have sold worldwide. Read the full article here.

I think her new approach to tidiness and living a clean and happy life is what made this book so popular.

So what stood out to me the most? These are the four things I learned and managed to apply immediately:

1. The concept: She shares her insights on how to view messiness and tidying up in a way I never imagined. First, she recommends organizing your home not by rooms but by categories like clothes, books, papers, and so on. She says that most of the people have similar things in different parts of the house, so if you organize them by category you are doing it better and once for all. I felt this was very accurate and effective (she has a several of these valuable a-has all over the book).

2. The way of doing it: I love the idea that if you radically change the way you organize your home, big (and good things) will happen. She doesn’t believe in taking things “one step at the time” or “little by little” and this big step approach inspired me a lot.

3. The simplicity: As you read the book you will realise her method is very, very simple and easy to follow. Step 1: Decide whether you keep that object or not. Step 2: Decide where to put it. That’s it. She gives you a couple of tips on how to do it easily but this is the general gist of her method.

4. The meaning: I felt there was deeper meaning in everything she does, and this adds incredible value to the process. She repeatedly asks that we should only have things that make us happy. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But take a look around. Start with your wardrobe. Is it filled with “happy things”? This was a new idea to me. She does even better and dedicates a few chapters on appreciating your things and treating them well. This also made me think about how I treat the things I own. If we put love in everything we do, would we get love back? According to Marie Kondo, yes we do.

So these were my main takeaways from reading the book, and it made such a difference in how I view organization and clutter. Do check out the book and give her methods a shot, I can assure you it will change the way you look at everything you have.

Here are a few more handy resources:

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PS: Here you can have a look at The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo

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