Several years ago, I made the decision to be a conscious consumer.

As I got older, my health became more and more precious to me. And so, I started to care about what I was exposed to in my environment, what I put on my skin, and what I’m ingesting that I think is okay or could be good for me, but actually was sabotaging my health little by little.

I wrote two articles — Toxins To Cut From Your Life and Is The Pill Making You Crazy?

I wanted to live fully. I did not want to wake up one day sick and miserable and think, “I wish I/What if I….”

(Of course there’s no guarantee that I won’t still get sick, but at least I would know I did try my best in the way I knew I could. And if I could prolong “feeling good”, then great.)

Especially after I became a Mom. This desire to live for as long and as healthy as possible so my family and I can enjoy each other with no health regrets, became stronger and stronger.

And that would mean being a conscious individual and a conscious mom.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying become the “Health Conscious Nazi” and live life so seriously (and annoy the people around you!). I’m saying, enjoy life as you wish and don’t stress over everything, but be educated on what you could be exposed to that is (without you realising it) sabotaging your health.

Continue to live life as you are, enjoy the things you want, but make small switches that are big wins.

Fresh tomatoes instead of canned, home-brewed coffee instead of 3 in 1 sachets, chemical-free products instead of toxic ones, natural over synthetic.

Once you get clued in on the words (and yes, I promise you will get it, it’s not rocket science) and learn how to read labels and read up on something you question, it gets easier and easier to toss/pick up certain products.

For a quick recap on what to look out for, check out Toxins To Cut From Your Life.

You will also learn of brands and companies that make safe alternatives for the things you need.

Before having a baby, I never thought of wet wipes or diapers and how something that seems like such a basic need in most households to care for their young infants and babies, could be made of harmful chemicals. But then when I was faced with the need to purchase these for myself, it got me thinking.

Especially after I made it a conscious choice to always know what the things I used are made of.

I learned that most of these contain parabens, chlorine, fragrances and pthlalates (endocrine disruptors) to name a few.

Check out how baby wipes are made here to learn about some of the chemicals in them, and why they are added.

I know that this is something a lot of moms are starting to think about, in fact, it was the reason why Jessica Alba started her billion dollar company, Honest Company, which today provides “clean options” for the needs of your little one. The fact that you can get on a subscription and not even think about the troubles of planning your shopping list and stocking up frequently, is another thing that makes Honest Company so brilliant.

Decide what you need on a monthly basis, place your regular order, and voila — clean products you can’t live without, replenished on your doorstep on a monthly basis.

In Malaysia, there is another similar option — Applecrumby & Fish. Jesmine Tan was a new mom herself looking for cleaner options, without the shopping fuss.

I’m a huge fan of their in-house brand Applecrumby Extra Thick Baby Wipes. The packaging is gorgeous (yes, I’m a sucker for pretty things), the wipes are so thick and lush and moisturising… I can’t get enough of it! I use it for our hands too.

The site, just like Honest Company, lists a host of other products too like laundry and dish detergents, baby bath and shampoos and more.

Soon, their in-house brand of diapers are coming, and I can’t wait for that. I’m also curious to know what it will look like, seeing as I love the packaging for the wet wipes so much!

Honest Company only ships to the United States and Applecrumby and Fish ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Brunei. (Note: Use coupon code V20 to get RM20 off your order.)

If you’re in a country outside the above mentioned, don’t worry, you still have options. Google the product/services you’re looking for in your own city, and see what shows up.

A good guide to reference if you’re curious about what’s in your products or if you’re looking for some clean options is Good Guide.

If you know what you want, Amazon is another great place to shop. You can buy almost anything from Amazon and have it delivered to you.

Then there is another goodie company you should also bookmark, and that is iHerb. At iHerb you can get almost anything under one roof from supplements to baby products to beauty products to groceries, shipped internationally.

They’re also a conscious company that is eco-friendly and also gives back by funding several education projects in Cambodia. Another plus is that every time you buy something from iHerb, 10% of that goes to your next order aka known as perpetual discounts every time you return as a customer!

So if you’ve been thinking about what’s in your products, particularly your baby products, start to get educated. Understand what ingredients to avoid, what’s safe, and which companies make and sell clean products.

Then do your research, bookmark your sites and place your orders. Happy and healthy. 🙂

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P.S. If you’re keen to check out Applecrumby and Fish, use coupon code V20 to get RM20 off your first order.

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